Aztelekom has launched the application of 4G technology in the regions

Aztelekom LLC of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High technologies has launched to apply 4G technology in Khacmaz.

As a pilot project, wireless network has been set up and receiver equipment has been installed in the homes of the residents in Hulovlu and Garachi villages of Khachmaz region.  It enables the subscribers to use other multimedia services along with the Internet.

Subscribers will be able to use Internet of 100 Mbit/s. speed via the installed equipment. The work on the application of 4G technology will be continued in the territories located in difficult relief and geographical position in the future. Emin Guliyev, The head of the Unit of Aztelekom LLC has notified that the pilot project which began at the end of the last year has been positively completed in the framework of the work carried out in the direction of the modernization of the telecommunication infrastructure by the application of new technologies in the regions. Currently, wireless network was commissioned in two villages of Khachmaz district. It is possible to provide Internet of 100 Mbit/s speed via the installed equipment to our subscribers. This will allow the subscribers to conveniently use other IP services as well as Internet services. The work in this direction will be continued in other regions where it is difficult to install telephone in the future. The outdated equipment has been replaced with new one as a result of the projects realized in the last years. Along with this, it is planned to apply the 4th (4G) generation technology in the areas where don’t exist the telephone in order to meet the demand on Internet service.