President Ilham Aliyev views newly-reconstructed administrative and technological building of Jalilabad Telecommunications Center

On September 2, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev viewed the conditions created at the newly-reconstructed administrative and technological building of Jalilabad Telecommunications  Center.

In recent years as in all spheres in our country, significant progress has been made in the sector of information and communication technologies. The decisions adopted on the development of this sphere, documents signed and instructions given by the Head of State have created the basis for the ICT sector to reach the level of modern requirements. This development is also clearly manifested in the major reconstruction and equipping buildings of telecommunications centers  with  most up-to-date  equipment. Major reconstruction of the administrative and technological building of the Telecommunications  Center in Jalilabad testifies that the geography of this work covers all regions of the country. A number of important projects have been recently implemented in this area, which in turn creates conditions for providing high-level  ICT services to the population. From this point of view, “Shebeke” (Network) service centers play an important role, which have created opportunity  to combine  various services in a single space. This, first of all enables citizens to eliminate loss of  time and  carry out several operations in a single space. Moreover, this service creates favorable conditions for the implementation of non-cash payments. In short, under the leadership of President Ilham Aliyev,  the development of ICT sector has been adopted as one of the priority areas and significant steps have been taken in this direction.

Minister of Transport, Communications and High Technologies Ramin Guluzade informed the head of state about the work done in the administrative and technological building of Jalilabad Telecommunications  Center.

The four-storey building with a total area of 1,700 square meters has undergone a complete overhaul.  Extensive landscaping was done around the building, green areas were created and lighting system was installed here.

A service center “Shebeke”  was created on the first floor of the building. All postal and telecommunications  services  in this region  will  be provided from one space  by the  structures of the  ministry. “Shebeke” service center will provide postal services, all types of payments, installation of telephones, Internet connection, IMEI registration,  e-government, e-signature, currency exchange, postal services, sale of air tickets and tour packages and many other services. The center with an area of 450 square meters has been overhauled. A modern sorting room has been created in the center equipped with equipment that meets the latest technological requirements.

President Ilham Aliyev was informed of the e-government payment system in the center, which gives citizens the opportunity to pay for their utility bills and make other payments. Detailed information was also provided on the innovations implemented in connection with E-signature  and E-government portals. It was brought to the attention that citizens can now buy tickets in the center. Employees who have been trained properly will serve citizens here 7 days a week from 9:00 to 20:00. Volunteers also work in the center. It is planned that in the future they will work in this institution.

A photo-stand reflecting the political activities of great leader Heydar Aliyev, as well as the attention and care of the head of state to the field of ICT have been created in the foyer of the administrative part of the communication building. E-Government Education and Training  Center  that will operate in the building has also been reconstructed and equipped with modern equipment. E-Government Education and Training Center under the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies has been created with the aim of increasing  the preparation level of population, government officials and government  employees  on the use of information technologies  and  development of their e-government skills. There are 17 such centers in 15 regions throughout the country. Distance learning is conducted in real time through online educational portal for all regional centers.

The head of state was also informed about new generation equipment that will be installed in telecommunications  centers throughout the country.

It was noted that equipping telecommunications  centers with this equipment will  make it possible  to bring services to the state-of-the-art level. Under the instruction of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the projects on renewal and development of the existing telecommunications infrastructure in the regions have been launched. In accordance with the State Program, approved by President Ilham Aliyev, work on improving  the country’s access to broadband Internet will cover all regions.

In conclusion, a photo was taken as a souvenir.